Welcome to our adventure

Hello and welcome to  everybody,

It has been a long time since the Silk Road started to ignite our imagination. Names evoking legendary landscapes and fabulous stories will become part of our daily lives for the next twelve months.

During 20 000 km , we will  trace the use of milk and bread in the  ancient civilizations.

This adventure and this research correspond to an approach that is close to our heart , conveying the values ​​of sustainable development and respect for local populations . Thus, the bikes will be our jeeps ( low emission of greenhouse gas emissions) , and the tent will be our home ( low energy consumption) .

This extraordinary adventure also aims to share our knowledge through interventions in schools and the publication of a book.

Our project received unexpected encouragement and support on all sides. Whether it is family, friends, colleagues, partners, this project created a craze extremely motivating . So do not hesitate to contact us and send us your comments and suggestions. Although we do not yet know , your ideas are welcome to create together a unique tool for knowledge sharing and discovery of the wealth of differences.
On this site you will find:

A description of our project
Our blog chronicling the adventures of everyday life
The findings concerning the bread and milk
The path
A presentation of travelers, their horses and their home

Hope you have as much fun as we share this unique adventure

Fair wind ( in the back of course!)

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